Frequently asked questions



What should students do when they arrive to Canada?

When you arrive to Canada, you should inform the Cultural Office, send a copy of your study permit, banking information and submit the student consent and all the required forms to activate your scholarship.

What is the minimum number of credits to take each term?

According to MOHE rules and regulations, student should register for at least 12 credits each term, and for a total of 27 credits all over the academic year.

What is the minimum required term GPA? What might happen if a student gets below it?

According to MOHE rules and regulations, student should obtain a minimum of 2/4 GPA. Students who obtain a GPA below 2 will receive an academic warning letter for that term.

Students who obtain three consecutive or 4 non- consecutive warnings will be exposed to the risk of scholarship dismissal.

What are non-traditional courses? How many non -traditional courses are students eligible to register?

Non- traditional courses are courses that are taken online, hybrid, special topics, ….. at home university. Students are eligible to register for only 4 non-traditional courses during all program years.

How and when can students apply to enrol in a non-traditional course?

Students are asked to complete the permission for enrollment form for each course and submit it with their schedules and transcripts that confirm their registration in advance at the beginning of the term to get the Cultural Office approval. If students register in more than 4 courses without informing the office, their graduation report might not be certified by the office. Also, students will incur all tuition fees for any online course taken without the Cultural Office approval.

Can students take courses outside their home universities?

Students are eligible to register in only 4 courses outside their home universities during all years of scholarship. Courses outside home university should be approved by both the home university and the Cultural Office before enrollment.

What happen if a student fails in a course?

If this happens, they should inform the Cultural Office and students will be advised accordingly.

What should students do when they complete the Bachelor requirements, and wait for the admission into the Medicine/ Dentistry programs?

Students should inform the office in advance about completing their programs, and thus, their scholarships will put on hold until they are admitted.

When should students send their transcripts?

Students should send their official transcripts by the end of each academic term.

Can students apply into Medicine Program at the end of their second year of undergraduate program?

Students can apply into the MD program if they meet the admission requirements as stated in the university’s website.

If students cannot register in a course because it is full, can the Cultural Office help them to register?

Students are responsible for their regular course registration. They should start their registration early to guarantee their spots.


What are the total allowances sponsored students receive?

Sponsored students receive a sum of allowances for clothing, equipment, and books at the beginning of each term after meeting the requirements (earned 12 credits in the previous term). Students are also eligible for a ticket allowance once per academic year when they successfully complete at least 27 credits during the academic year. They need to request their tickets by sending the ticket request form found on the website.

What are the minimum required credits for students to be eligible for summer salaries?

Students should successfully complete at least 27 credits per academic year to receive their summer salary.

Are students in English for Academic Purpose Program eligible for allowances? Do they get tickets?

All students who successfully completed their EAP programs and admitted into the academic program are eligible for allowances. They are also eligible for a ticket after completing their language program in both of the following cases:

– Completion of ESL term and an academic term

– Completion of a full academic ESL year and obtaining academic admission

What is the Merit Award? Who is eligible to apply?

Students who successfully complete at least 30 credits with an annual GPA of 3.5/4 and above are eligible for the merit award.

If a student is taking a course outside home university, who pay the tuition?

Upon home university and Cultural Office approval, the tuition fees for outside courses will be paid by the Cultural Office.


Do sponsored students have any health plans?

All sponsored students are covered by health plans.

What should students do if they change address, phone number or email address?

Students should update their contact information on KC system directly.

What should students do if they change their bank account information?

Students should send their new bank account information directly to their advisors at the cultural office to update their financial file.

What should students do if they want to travel outside Canada during the vacations?

Students are not asked to complete any forms before traveling. They just need to check the validity of their passports, visas and study permits to guarantee the timely return to Canada.

Can the office help a student to speed up their visa renewal?

Students who apply from Kuwait can contact the office and send the visa application details to speed up the process.

But, if the student wants to renew their study permits in Canada, they should contact the international Student Affairs office at the university for help.

If a student wants to change their sponsorship location from Canada to another country, what should they do?

Students who want to change their Sponsorship location are asked to get an admission/ acceptance letter from the university where they are willing to move that is authenticated from the Kuwait Cultural Office there and send them to the Cultural Office along with a letter of interest to process their requests.

If a student wants to change their major, what should they do?

Students cannot change their majors without informing the Cultural Office and get the approval. They are asked to get an admission into an approved program after completing at least an academic term with a load of 12 credits with minimum GPA of 2/4. They should provide a confirmation letter that the change of major will not affect their graduation date.

Are IELTS exam fees refunded by the Cultural Office?

If students have passed the IELTS in Kuwait before arriving to Canada, they have to request the reimbursement from MOHE. If they have passed the test in Canada, they could request the reimbursement from the Cultural Office. Students have a maximum of three reimbursed trials to pass the IELTS.

Can new students apply for the pre-travel allowance from the Cultural Office?

New Students must request the pre-travel allowance from MOHE before leaving Kuwait.